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Change of plans moves us to Glyde Street

Glyde Street, Mosman Park

Manta Club at Glyde Street

It was Sunday morning 21 May and a storm was brewing, so after breakfast we got in our cars and made our way to the beloved Coombe in Mosman Bay. But once we got there the site was full of students and not a single parking bay was free. With a quick change of plans we moved to the next site Glyde St.

Once at Glyde St the water looked great. With a break in the weather we got our gear on and got in the water.

After descending on the first buoy we headed east to the main wreck. After a lap of the wreck we moved on and had a look around to find whatever else we could find. We managed to bump in to the tyre stack which was covered in life and a few large crabs also popped out of the sand to say hello.  

After a little look around we came back in to the shallow for buoyancy practice with the newer guys. Once they mastered that we headed in to shore and back to our cars. Thankfully we had enough time to pack up our gear before the rain came back.

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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