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Chidley Point night dive

Wednesdays (1/6/16) Perth Scuba club night dive was at a new location…….Chidley Point, previously only dived in the daytime on a clean-up dive. It was the first day of winter but we still had plenty of keen divers, 14 in total.


The dive site has little to offer in regards wrecks but there was plenty of crabs and prawns to keep the divers entertained. We hit a max depth of around 15m. We drifted slowly in the current towards the coombe for around half the dive then made our way to the shallows.

We found far more life in the 5-8m range, mainly due to the scattered junk offering habitat for the marine life. We found lots of Seahorses, Gobbleguts, Leatherjackets, Crabs, Cobbler, Boxfish and plenty of Prawns. We also found a wreck of a small boat at 8m on the way back to the beach.

Overall a great dive like normal, good to see some new guys heading out with us and good to try out a new spot. Next week is looking like the river again with the predicted swell/wind but watch this space you never know it might change.

written by Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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