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Chidley Reserve club dive

Chidley Reserve club dive

Thursday 7 May 2020

The atmosphere at the first night dive since relaxation of social gatherings was palpable, and the gathering of seven divers was a jovial bunch glad to see each other again. Despite passing rain, we were illuminated by a super moon inbetween clouds, and we quickly headed in. Although the visibility was no better than two meters, the slightest of current carried stirred up sediment clouds away and there was a plentiful supply of prawns and crabs littering the floor. Prawns seemed to be preferring the deeper depths with most seen at deeper than 8m and still good numbers down at 13m in the deeper center of the river opposite Chidley Reserve.


Even with river temperature between 18 – 18.8oC it wasn’t noticeably cold as chasing the prawns  kept me warm, though made a noticeable  impact on air consumption, surfacing after the one hour dive with 60 bar. A random light out in the middle caused some concern and a call to the Water Police but fortunately turned out to be someone prawning on the shallow banks on an inflatable.  It was great to be back amongst familiar friends, new faces, and some good banter, with lights from the opposite bank shining like a mirror in the glass like water and a sky full of stars.   

Martin Crossley – PADI Instructor / UW Digital Photography Instructor

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