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Claremont Baths club night dive

Claremont Baths Manta Club night dive


Wednesday 2/11/16 the perth scuba club night dive was yet again in the river due to the 20knot south westerly winds. This week we were at Claremont baths. This site doesnt offer much in the way of wrecks or great depth but it normally holds a few crabs and prawns. perth-scuba-manta-club-night-dive-claremont-baths-02nov2016-2Last time we were here there was a huge group of about 10 stingrays, so we were crossing our fingers for more of the same on this visit. The wind was pretty strong and with this site being exposed to SW winds it was quite choppy on the surface. After the briefing and gearing up the smaller than usual group of 6 divers made our way into the water. Immediately we were pleasantly surprised how warm it felt in the shallows and after a wade out to deeper water we made our descent. Everyone in the group was catching crabs or prawns so we all went off in our buddy pairs in search of some tucker. 12m is about as deep as it gets and the visibility wasnt too bad in the deeper water. Prawn and crabs wise….. there was stacks! Alot of berried female crabs but also some good sized males too. Up in the shallows there is alot more to look at critters wise with the various mooring lines, rocky overhangs and outcrops, especially to the south of the entrance area. Here in the shallows i found two pipefish, lots of seahorses, and plenty of Cobbler doing their best to hide from my torch beam. Sadly we didnt see any stingrays this time but it was still a great dive especially with all the food on offer!! Next week we are going to do our best to get in the ocean but again at this stage its not looking promising. Fingers crossed and lets wait and see…

Perth Scuba Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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