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Clean Up Australia Day 2016

Sunday 6/3/16 was Clean Up Australia day and with an organised clean up happening on the land at Chidley Point Mosman Park we decided to help out and clean up underwater. There was lots of volunteers to help out on the surface and 10 Perth Scuba divers to take care of the underwater effort. There was also a similar sized group of divers from UWA also there to do their bit.

We geared up in the car park up the hill from the dive site, then following my briefing we made our way down to the water. This particular spot is right next to the main boat channel so we went in on the left side of the beach and went directly left towards the mooring area. This would also be a more likely spot for rubbish dropped from the moored boats.


Once in the water it was clear the visibility wasn’t to good due to all the boat activity relatively close by. We moved along the river bank in buddy pairs combing the area for rubbish. Gladly we found far less rubbish than we do on some of our jetty clean ups but it was still worth the effort as we did all recover some junk. We had a lot of broken and intact bottles, several items of clothing, plastic, tin cans, plastic piping, bags, hard hats, and busted crab nets. Some of the older items of junk like the odd wheel and a bike had been colonised with gobbleguts, seahorses and plant life so we left them were they were. unfortunately the collecting of rubbish reduced the vis further which made my efforts filming underwater a little tricky!


At the 10m depth I found the wreck of a small tinny absolutely covered in gobbleguts which was really cool to see. Also in the shallows there were swarms of harmless jellyfish again a great sight to see when swimming through the shallows.

Overall a great little dive for a worthy cause. After the dive we were all well rewarded by a sausage sizzle cooked up on the BBQ’s in the park. A great effort by all the guys involved and big thanks go out to everyone for the hard work.


written by PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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