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Conditions move us to Bicton Baths for our night dive

So Wednesday 19/08/15 night dive was scheduled for the Ammo Jetty. We all met at the dive site and geared up. It was an awesome turn out with 8 divers all keen to get in the water. Once I had done the brief we headed to the water, the weather was pretty poor and rapidly deteriorating. By the time we got to the waters edge it was looking like better conditions for surfing than diving!


quick swim into the water and checked it out below the surface and the visibility was down to zero, so it was a pain but we decided to change locations at the last minute. All 8 divers were still dead keen so we headed 15 minutes up the road to Bicton Baths. We all stayed in our wetsuits and headed straight there.

Once a Bicton I gave a quick brief as time was knocking on and we all entered the water. Conditions were much better, although the wind was still blowing like mad.

Once in the water we descended into surprisingly awesome visibility, even the top portion of water that is normally clouded up due to rain was really clear. Marine life wise there wasn’t a whole lot going on. We did however see a few small prawns and some good sized blue swimmer crabs. We saw some really cool nudibranchs, seahorses, slender sea moths, leatherjackets and plenty of gobbleguts.

There was a very mild current which was cool as it wasn’t too hard to fin against but was good fun to just glide in it with ease.

As always we all enjoyed the dive even though it was a bit of a late one due to changing location. Next week the conditions are looking much better so we are going to give the Ammo Jetty another crack and check out how much better it is after the clean up did. See you all there

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