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Congratulations to our newest Open Water Divers

written by Glen Outhred – Perth Scuba Instructor

Glen and Liam scuba dive Rottnest Island Western AustraliaA big congratulations to our newest open water divers! Some for a hobby, some for a change of sport and some required for the job. Either way they we’re very keen to get in the water and be amazed!

And what a weekend to be out in the water. A nicely warmed heated pool to start off with and with the competent learners they were, we had no trouble with skills, we even learned how to blow the perfect ring! Next step was a boat trip out to Rottnest Island and I can honestly say it has been the best weekend at Rotto for the whole winter! The weather at Rottnest was as good as it gets, so warm I even had a sunbake on top deck. The water was perfect! Crystal clear and glass, could not wait to jump in and explore the sites of Rottnest. After we all got sorted we descended down for our first dive. The students smashed out their skills for a good cruise around Parker Point. First dive done and the divers loved it.

After a good lunch on the boat, some good chats and lots of people taking photos of the glorious day, we were ready to get back in the water. You could the bottom it was that clear. After completing our navigation we swam to Secret Cove (no I can’t tell you where it is otherwise it wouldn’t be secret!). It was a glorious dive and we even came back with a new trucker hat and a Jack Daniels bottle that had looked like it’d been there for 50 years. Such a beautiful way to start our open water dives. You know it’s a good day when divers saw turtles, sharks, rays and dolphins!

Then come the infamous Wreck Trail. And please believe me, the vis was pretty good. The students held their buoyancy top notch and we explored planes and boats, seahorses (unfortunely they were too small to ride), bait fish, star fish, box fish, soft corals. We had a nice good look around. As we surfaced we discovered that maybe we should teach DM’s how to tie lines properly. I spotted our flag swimming away to have a look at the Grain Terminal. As tempting as it was to leave it explore the oceans I don’t think the big man on campus would’ve been to impressed. I now know why we have fitness testing as instructors. Luckily I was testing out the new Seawing Nova Gorilla’s and they pulled through (and if they hadn’t it’d be hard to people not to spot me with the burnt orange colour of the fin!).

After some tasty fish n chips and even ice-cream (my favourite diet) we were keen to finish off our course by finding the bird avery. A great dive with lots of soft corals, seahorses, another good cruise around the planes and yes we did find the toilet at the bird cage and yes we did have an immature muck around. Pool training done, open water dives done, 5 new certified divers completed! Well done Liam, Steve, Matty, Chris and Will! We look forward to seeing you through your advance course and travelling around the world!

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