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Constable Andy Scubagod is BACK!

Oct ’11
9:00 am
Constable Andy ScubaGod Andy ScubaGod (Perth Scuba’s God-like Instructor) is now Constable ScubaGod to us all and is heading back to Perth Scuba to lead the Sunday Shore Dive! Welcome back ANDY!

All levels of divers are more than welcome to join us for a FREE BBQ brekkie followed by a FREE shore dive! Who knows, we may even have a few donuts for brekkie… ;)

Need dive gear? Head on into the shop at 8:30am to sort out any dive gear you need for the day.

Need a buddy? Don’t worry, we’ll find you one in the morning!

So don’t forget to come into Perth Scuba to enjoy a shore dive with the crew. Look forward to seeing you all there!

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