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Coogee Wreck Trail on a calm winter morning

Coogee Wreck Trail on a calm winter morning

It was a another winters morning at Perth Scuba on Sunday 9 July 2017. Our plan was to go to Coogee Wreck Trail and with the great forecast we decided to stick to it. Since the new steps weren’t ready yet we decided to park at the end of the rocks and walk down the beach.

Perth Scuba Manta Club dive at Coogee Wreck Trail

At the site the water looked great so we kitted up and made our way down. After setting the flag we surface swam to the Omeo wreck. While swimming over a decent sized seal swam past then disappeared. Under the water the wreck was a bit quiet but was covered in sea cucumbers and star fish. 


After exploring the wreck we navigated out to the wreck trail but managed to miss most of the middle and ended up at the tower at the very end. The tower was covered in old wive’s and a few different sized nudibranchs. We then followed the rock wall back and came across schools of gobble guts in the rocks, an octopus in piece of tube and a small cuttlefish.


Once back at shore we made our hike back to the cars to dekit. Cant wait for the steps to be finished!

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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