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Cooked breakfast powers up North Coogee Wall dive

It was a cold windy and rainy start to Sunday 12/4/15 just gone, but what better way to spend the day then getting wet in a good way with a dive.


After the 6 of us polished off a cooked breakfast and had a short dive brief we headed off to North Coogee wall for the dive site of the day.

Once geared up we headed to the water which was still surprisingly warm and rather clear with vis of around 2-3m.

We were lucky to see plenty of marine species on this dive which turned out to be a great dive for our Newbies Kate and Dan.

We saw the following on the dive, Hundreds and hundreds of Western Goggleguts, large groups of Toado, Longfin Pike,Rough Bulleyes, Wavy Grubfish and Tarwhine. There was also Humpback Box Fish, Western Smooth Boxfish, Western Sea horses, Western Striped Cardinal Fish, Stripey’s, female Western King Wrasse , Crayfish, Banded Sweeps, Old Wives, Magpie Morwongs, Red Lip Morwongs and even a couple of Horseshoe Leatherjackets held up in a cave.

A brilliant dive with a great bunch of divers,

Thanks to Mark, Dan, Ken, Dede and Kate for an enjoyable Sunday club dive.

Head along to the club dive every week to see WA’s great marine life and also to have a bit of fun.




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