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Cray Day 1st July 2017

Cray Day 1st July 2017

How can we do that? The season ends on June 30! Well, Thanks to fisheries and the state government, the Blue Destiny tour operator fishing licence now allows us to go diving for Crayfish ALL YEAR ROUND! That’s right… There is NO closed season for anyone diving for Crayfish off our dive boat! And it gets better… Fishing licence expired? No stress… You can piggyback on ours so you don’t even need a fishing licence to catch crays on our boat anymore. REMEMBER that you DO need a licence if you are NOT diving from Blue Destiny, and you CAN NOT crayfish outside the season on other boats. We will be running a few special dive for cray days over winter so there’s no reason to miss out on Crays all year round!!

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