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Crayfish, squid, cuttlefish, stingrays and big red nudibranchs

Our weekly night dive on the 7/10/15 was at Coogee South wall near the Omeo wreck. For the 8 divers this spot was a first for everyone at night. The tricky part to this dive in the dark is getting down the rocks. We spent a bit of time before we geared up checking out the best entry and exit area.


After kitting up and the briefing we all made out way over to the top of the wall. We worked in one big team to help each other down the rocks pretty much forming a chain from top to bottom. It didn’t turn out too bad and the water was looking really nice, Flat Ocean and no wind!

We first did a bit of a surface swim as the water at the base of the wall and near the wreck is really shallow. Once deep enough we made a descent and as the visibility was so good we pretty much all stayed together in one big group.

This dive ended up being relatively similar to the one the previous we with the added bonus of no fishermen. We hit a max depth of around 9m and a nice long dive time of 65mins.

The wall itself is a real haven for life with loads of bullseyes and glass fish. We also saw several good sized Scorpion fish, a small stingray, Crayfish, Squid, and a really good sized Cuttlefish and 3 huge red nudibranchs all together in a group.

The exit from the dive was good fun all clambering up the rocks, as we had stayed in one group we did the same as the entry and formed a chain up the wall all helping each other where required.

It was awesome to get to check this site out at long last and for Garry on not only his first Manta Club night dive but his first dive in Perth it was a great experience.

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew 

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