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Cute sharks on our club night dive

Cute sharks on our club night dive

Wednesday 14 October 2020

With the southerly winds we took the club dive to North Mole Fremantle. The swell smashed the rocks behind us so entry was nice and calm. The 6 of us made our way down the rocks into the water. 

Beautiful smiling club divers at South Mole Fremantle

As soon as we dropped down the viz was shocking so we spread out and found the first peg, but that was about it, no luck finding any more so we sat on a bearing of 355 for a little while then gave up and headed east to the wall. 

On the wall we found small banjo and port jackson sharks, plenty of squid and a southern baler shell. Once we got to the wall the viz was a bit better so we followed it back finding a big cuttlefish in the rocks and a few jumbo crays. 

When we got back to the entry point we surfaced to find the swell had picked up quite bit so it took a team effort to get everyone out of the water.

written by PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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