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Cyclone up north surprised with plenty of life at KGT

An overcast day greeted us this Sunday 15 March 2015 as the cyclone up north made weather a bit unpredictable so after a cooked breaky we headed on down to the Grain Terminal for our Sunday dive (and cancelled Joey’s Ningaloo trip!).


Conditions on the surface were quite rough and early signs of visibility underwater said it was going to be a bad day for diving, however quite to everyone’s surprise one at 3m and about 30m from the beach it cleared up to 3-4m vis and was a great dive.

On this dive we got to see plenty of Boxfish, Cowfish, Gobble guts, Octopus, baby Cuttle Fish, Western Whiptails, large schools of Herring and there was even a large Shovel Nose Ray was hanging around at the start of the dive and really didn’t care how close we got.

Once again it was a great dive and it always shows you should never judge a dive site just by what you see on the surface as if we did this we would of missed out on a great little club dive.

Join us next time for another great diving adventure.

written by Adam Booth – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master

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