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Coral, Fire, and Ice: Explore Secret Underwater Worlds with David Doubilet

Aug ’14

Explore a hidden universe through the eyes of one of the most prolific living photographers at National Geographic magazine – David Doubilet live on stage at the State Theatre Centre of WA.  David Doubilet is a legend for his groundbreaking work beneath the waves, and on 3rd August he’ll lead you on a visual journey from his most recent National Geographic assignments, from the tropics to the polar ice.

First he will take you to Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea, where you will discover an unspoiled wilderness of water crowded with layers of life: from fingernail-size pygmy seahorses to 60-foot-tall towers of barracudas. You will then be taken below the ice in Antarctica to capture images of the hidden world of the leopard seal, penguins, shipwrecks, and his newest work on the sculptural beauty of icebergs.

Go beyond the published story with David Doubilet as he shares never before seen images from his assignments. Discover the reality of life behind the camera—from parasites to harp seal bites—as he shares his adventures of working to get the best shot.

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