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Deep wrecks of the The Coombe

Last nights dive (20/7/16) was at The Coombe Mosman Park. We had 14 divers all up. All were relatively experienced with certs ranging from advanced open water to advanced cave. So we decided to dive the deep wrecks which are not always available to everyone on the club dives due to the depth being beyond 18m

All but 2 of the group made the swim out to the deep wrecks. We descended down on buoy 352 then swam immediately on a 60 degree bearing which took us to the first barge. Sadly the visibility had reduced dramatically from recent weeks.


With there being so many divers kicking up the silt the vis quickly reduced further to only around 2m in places. So after not too long i turned with my buddies and headed off towards the second barge. We soon found some pegs and line so instead of trying to follow our compasses in the limited vis we followed the pegs. These pegs led us to the yacht wreck. Here we found scorpion fish, leatherjackets, large groups of juvenile catfish and plenty of seahorses.

From here we made our way towards the slope and up to a safety stop.

Overall a good dive with good depth although maybe a little congested with the number of divers in the one spot. I will be back there over the weekend looking for another unknown wreck that we found a few weeks ago. Hopefully we will find it and pegs it out. Watch this space.

Perth Scuba Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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