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Did our gamble on a dive site pay off?

Did our gamble on a dive site pay off?

Sunday 30 August 2020

Last Sunday the 30th of August, with shocking weather predicted we decided again to take a gamble and go to North Coogee wall. With 10 keen divers we made the trip down.

At the site the water looked great, dead flat so we made the trek down the beach. At the waters edge it looked a bit murky but that didn’t bother us, so we dropped down and made our way up the wall. Along the wall we spotted a big orange Nudibranch, schools of bulls eye and a occy in the rocks. 

After 30mins we started to head back and by then the viz was pretty shocking but we managed to find our way. As we got closer to shore we spotted blowie after blowie hiding in the sand. We then made the big trek back to our cars.

by Dane Fielder PADI Instructor

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