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Cranky Diva attacks scuba diver

written by Sarah Toohey – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master

Back at the Rockingham Wreck Trail for a night dive on Wednesday 29 January. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but you just get to see so much life down there!

A lot of particulates through the water so not as clear as hoped although our dive did not deter from seeing active octopus, seahorses and all those lovely long-tailed catfish snuffling through the sand. A cranky Globefish while being filmed obviously had a bit of a diva moment and rammed the camera in disgust… all the while being videoed! okay… What the title should have said was “Diva globe fish rams underwater camera”, but that just doesn’t sell Newspapers (just ask any good tabloid!).

And then we finished our dive and headed up the beach to find a film crew asking us questions! I understood how that Globefish felt and held myself back from ramming the camera… Some of our crew were interviewed by the film crew who were keen to hear our opinion on the WA shark cull. Whilst our divers shared their disgust with the cull and emphasised we were more wary of the stingers that were out in force this evening! I was even given the task of taking a special guest diver, Sumi – singer of The Shark Song, on a scuba dive on the trail.

Another great dive and also great to see new faces wanting to come along and join our social gatherings. ‘till next time….

If you haven’t seen The Shark Song yet, check it out below

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