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Dive club descends on Rockingham Wreck Trail


Today Sunday 4 October 2015, the Club Dive was fantastic, and we went to Rockingham wreck trail with 14 divers. We had some visitors from USA and from different states that were visiting Perth. I took 7 of them to be with me to show them around the wrecks so i can make sure that they will find the wrecks so we went down all together starting by the 1st ship wreck then we made it to the 1st and 2nd plane wreck followed by the chicken coop ending by the tyre reef. We saw 2 good size lion fish and some sea horse hanging on the rope, also some nice western king wrasse and Spotted boarfish. Was real fun although the vis was about 2m we still managed to stay together and do our safety stop and surface together with no issues and a smile on everyones face that they made it to all the wrecks.
written by Ahmed – Perth Scuba Instructor

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