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Dive Master trainees show their skills in the pool

written by Joey Pool – Perth Scuba Assistant Instructor

Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master trainees

On Sunday 5th August, seven of the Perth Scuba Crew were on their way to elite status by joining us to begin their PADI Dive Master Course.

The first day consisted of a Skill Circuit of 20 skills demonstrated to Instructor ability and a fitness circuit of swimming, snorkelling, tired diver tows and treading water.

We split the crew into two groups, whilst half was under the water demonstrating their scuba skills, the other half was on the surface of the water demonstrating their stamina. Oh yes, the group had a gruelling 400m swim, followed by an 800m snorkel, followed by a 100m tired diver tow in full scuba kit and finally a 15 minute tread water. And the results showed that the girls KICK BUTT when it comes to swimming. Well done Jocelyn & Lillian you nearly lapped all the blokes – go girl power!!!

Once you got the crew under the water it was great to watch them presenting the underwater skills taught in everyone’s Open Water Courses. All the crew had different strengths and weaknesses, but overall it was great to watch everyone’s hovers…. And then compare it to Andy’s! Oh the differences, but something the crew will all be working towards perfecting for that next Open Water Course!!!

Finally there’s a stress test thrown in just to see how the crew handle task loading underwater – I have some video of the guys & girls showing their stuff off – very skillful buddy pairs! It involves each buddy pair buddy breathing whilst exchanging your dive gear, including mask, fins and SCUBA unit. Oh, it sounds so devilish simple now doesn’t it? Believe me, when you’re doing it – easy it is not! Hmm guess that’s why we call it the stress test ;)

All the team put in a huge effort and came through to continue their Dive Master training. Congratulations to Valdimar, Craig, Tony, Peter, Lillian, Adam and Jocelyn on your first day as Dive Master trainees. We look forward to seeing you all soon while you continue your training on our coming Open Water Courses and continued education.

To see more photos taken from the Dive Master course training day click here.

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