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Solomon Islands

Dive the Solomon Islands


ONLY $2590.00*

Departing:    Wednesday 5th October 2011Reef Sharks at Solomon Islands

9 Nights including 10 Dives ex-Brisbane

Tour Leader: Andy Goddard

The Solomon Islands offer a diverse range of dives from the most pristine reef dives where you can be buzzed by Mantas and Dolphins through to diving on some of the famous wrecks of World War II. Be one of a very limited group who have dived the Aaron Ward wreck…. And have the certificate to prove it! Everything in one great location.

Let’s Go Scuba Diving !!!

Your Dive Tour to the Solomon Islands includes:Manta Ray at Solomon Islands

  • Return airfares Brisbane to Honiara flying Solomon Airlines
  • 2 Nights accommodation at Airport 85 Motel
  • Twin standard room
  • 7 Nights accommodation at Pacific Casino Hotel
  • Twin standard room
  • 10 Dives with Solomon Island Diving, including Aaron Ward dive
  • Tanks, weights, air fills & lunch

Pygmy Seahorse at Solomon Islands

A word from Joey – Perth Scuba on the Solomon Islands:

“I was lucky enough to travel to the Solomon Islands with Perth Scuba in 2008. This was not my first time diving overseas, but after our first dive there, I knew it was my best to date!

From the first moment we jumped on the boat, the water was absolutely like glass, the water temperature was beautiful and warm and you could see the reef below from the surface. No matter where you travelled by boat you’d see flying fish skimming the surface of the ocean, Manta’s leaping out of the water and even once we saw a whale breach next to a Manta… And all this even before we put our dive gear on!

The first day of our diving we threw our gear on the boat – with the cameras safely in their buckets, and headed to the first of our two dives of the day. Our first dive was on the WWII New Zealand wreck The Moa – IT WAS HUGE! The Moa was the first of MANY wrecks that we dived in the Solomon’s. Every wreck was completely different from the other, there were supply ships, war ships, planes and so many others. The depth varied greatly between wrecks, some as shallow as 10metres whilst others were at their shallowest part at 56metres – we dived as many as we could! The most amazing part of itPorcelain Crab at Solomon Islands was after the day was done, our dive guide (Neil) would sit at dinner every night and tell us the history of the ship and how it had ended its days at the bottom of Guadalcanal… So sad.

I was stunned about the amount of life that surrounded and covered the wrecks. The shallower the wreck the more corals and small fish could be found in abundance. The Solomon’s was a dream for wreck divers and reef divers alike.

After the days diving we would all head back to the Hotel, kick back with a cocktail and watch the dugongs feeding in the shallows at the front of the hotel. What a wonderful holiday this was!”

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You are now officially a member of Perth Scuba’s elite and a part of the most active dive club in Perth. We are travelling all over the world every year… want to join us? Welcome Aboard!

To book onto Perth Scuba’s fantastic Solomon Islands Tour call 08 9455 4448 or email [email protected]

* Price plus taxes of $198.00 subject to change until paid in full




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