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Truk Lagoon Micronesia

Truk Lagoon Micronesia


ONLY $3,795.00

Explore the WWII wrecks of Truk Lagoon

Departing: 1st April 2013

11 Nights including 18 Dives ex-Cairns

Tour Leader: Lee Johnson & Joey Pool

Apprentice Tour Leader: Josh Phillips

February 1944. US Forces launch Operation Hailstorm on Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon, Japan’s most important Pacific base during World War II. The Japanese are caught completely unaware, and as a result lose over 275 aircraft and 45 ships. These are to form the basis for what is now known as the worlds greatest wreck diving destination.

Truk Lagoon is home to an underwater bounty of bombs, torpedoes, guns, tanks, planes and mines, resting in silence amongst brilliant soft corals. Depths range from 1m to over 60m, and with very little current in 27-30 degree water, Truk Lagoon is a comfortable wreck diving destination for divers of all experience levels.

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Your Dive Tour to Truk Lagoon includes:

  • Return airfares Cairns – Guam – Truk – Guam – Cairns flying Continental Air Micronesia
  • 10 nights accommodation at Blue Lagoon Resort
  • Twin standard room
  • 18 Dives with Blue Lagoon Dive
  • Unlimited Sam’s Wall night dives
  • Tanks, lunch, weights & air fills
  • Dive guide on all dives
  • 1 night accommodation Cairns Colonial Club
  • Return airport transfers throughout tour

Plus Add 10 Nights and 14 dives in Palau for only $2200!!!

To the south-east is Kuop Atoll and Kuop Lagoon. Truk Lagoon is a 40 mile wide lagoon surrounded by a fringing coral reef.

Wartime History
On November 15, 1939, Admiral Katagiri Eikichi’s Fourth Fleet is established at Truk. Chitose is assigned as flagship with tenders Kamoi and Kinugasa Maru of the 17th Sentai for the new fleet. During December, 24 H6K Mavis flying boats of the Yokohama Kokutai are also stationed at Truk Lagoon.

Operation Hailstone

On the morning of February 17, 1944 US Navy aircraft launched a surprise attack against Truk Lagoon and caught many merchant vessels and warships at anchor. 400 tons of bombs and torpedo were dropped. Attacks continued February 18, 1944. A total of forty ships were sunk and thousands of Japanese were lost. Ten weeks later, a second raid sank more ships.

Shipwrecks of Truk

For more than two years after the war, oil from the sunken ships covered the beaches and reefs. Truk is best wreck diving in the world overall because of the numerous wrecks and their preservation and beauty. Depths vary from the surface in excess of 200 feet. You can penetrate into the wrecks but you can’t remove any artifacts. Caustic substances like high octane aviation fuel, oils, gasoline and acid exist on many of the wrecks. Explosives, mines, munitions, detonators, torpedoes and shells are still “live”. The wrecks of Truk Lagoon are war graves. Strict policies exist that prevent the removal of any artifacts or marine life from the wrecks. Fines and a possible jail sentence await those who disobey. The Trukese hope preserve their lagoon as an underwater living monument and museum of the war.

Click here for Perth Scuba’s Truk Lagoon Micronesia Trip Flyer. This is a dive trip that will not disappoint you with THE BEST WRECK DIVING IN THE WORLD.

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