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Diving the Lena wreck in Bunbury

written & images by Joey Pool – Perth Scuba Assistant InstructorLena wreck Bunbury by Johanna Pool

On Sunday 6th January 2013, Joey & Ken headed down to Bunbury to try out diving on the Lena Wreck.

Apprehended by the Australian Navy in February 2002 while fishing illegally for Patagonian Toothfish in Australian waters the Lena now provides a unique dive wreck only 3 nautical miles from the coast in Bunbury Western Australia. Bunbury is only 178 km and a comfortable 2 hour drive south from Perth. The Lena was sunk as a dive wreck on Friday 19th December 2003 – and since that time a huge variety of corals and fish have made it their home.

We arrived at the Jetty at 8:00am ready for our two dives in Bunbury, unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating with the a southerly blowing through and rain pelting down. So our friendly skipper Kim told us to go and chill out at a coffee shop and wait until 9:00am to see if the storm would blow itself out – which it did!

So we loaded the gear onto the boat and headed off for a short 30 minute ride to the wreck. We pulled up and geared up quickly to descend on this 55m wreck. The viz wasn’t too bad considering the storm that blew through at a reasonable 10 metres. The wreck is in only 18 metres of water so you have PLENTY of time to explore every nook and cranny without getting close to deco or running out of air. We explored for 60 minutes on our first dive and a further 50 minutes on our second.

There was loads to see with beautiful hard corals, colourful soft corals all over the hull and plenty of fish life. It’s very easy to penitrate the wreck with plenty of space so you don’t kick any silt into your buddies face. There’s big cut outs along the hull that make it easy to swim in and out of the boat. The wheelhouse collapsed a few years ago and this has allowed big schools of Buff Bream to circle the inards of the wreck. As you swim inside there are blue devils, clouds of bulleyes and even tiny crayfish – but no taking this is a no-take zone!

We enjoyed two dives on the wreck and it was great fun. Perth Scuba will be heading back on Saturday 23rd February 2013 to dive this wreck again, but in the meantime, click here  for some of my images from the day. Contact us if you’d like to join us on our next wreck dive on the Lena.

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