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Diving the wrecks at Blackwall Reach

Diving the wrecks at Blackwall Reach

Sunday 1 September 2019

This Fathers Day the weather wasn’t the best so we decided to check out the wrecks at Blackwall Reach. With 8 keen divers we finished our bacon and eggs then made our way down.

Fathers Day Manta Club dive
Manta Club divers at Blackwall Reach on Fathers Day

At the site conditions didn’t look the best, the wind was blowing and the surface looked a bit choppy but that didn’t stop us.
After a surface swim we dropped down on the buoy then hit the barge. The viz wasn’t the best so we did a couple of laps checking out the smaller boats either side and found a couple of sea horses on the ropes. We then swam back up the hill to the better viz.

We followed the cliffs back checking the caves for any cuttlefish then headed back in, just in time to pack up and miss the heavy rain.

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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