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Diving with seahorses at The Coombe

Diving with seahorses at The Coombe

Sunday 1 June 2020

Manta Club divers at The Coombe

Last Sunday we took the club dive to the Coombe in Mosman bay, the conditions were pretty shocking. With one keen buddy team ready to get wet we didn’t waste any time and headed to the site.

Once we arrived we were greeted by a decent downpour so we kitted up as fast as we could and got into the water. We then dropped down and started scanning for the wrecks, when we found the main one we spotted a little blenny hiding in a hole. After that we followed the pegs to the new seahorse statue that didn’t disappoint, we spotted about 5 seahorses and a few hairy leatherjackets. We followed the rope to the shallow wreck that was covered in crabs.

Around 40mins it started to get a bit chilly so we kicked back to the shallows and searched the wall for a little bit before surfacing and heading in.

Dane Fielder – PADI Instructor

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