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PADI Bubblemaker (8+ years)

PADI Bubblemaker Party

Have the birthday party that everyone talks about! Everyone LOVES Scuba diving – especially the kids! Perth Scuba’s PADI Bubble maker Party is a birthday party that offers so much yet costs so little! Perth Scuba Bubblemaker Parties include pool entry, treats & drinks for the kids, a Scuba Dive in the swimming Pool with one of our awesome and fun Instructors or Instructor-ettes! Even play with underwater scooters! The Birthday party to remember!

Here’s how it works!

Your Perth Scuba Party Host will contact you prior to your party to arrange a time to meet all of the parents of the children who will be attending the party. I kind of way to let the mums and dads know that their little guys and girls are in safe hands.

On Birthday Party Day – Your Perth Scuba Instructor will meet your group at the pool for your kids exciting day in the pool. There will be a fun 3 minute briefing on how Scuba gear works, each child starting with the Birthday child will have a mini Scuba Diving session. With their Perth Scuba Instructor by their side – they will get to experience the underwater world and weightlessness. Once they are comfortable – it takes about 10 seconds!, they are off! For the ones who want to try it, we even have an underwater scooter to play with. HOLD ON!!!!PADI-Logo

During their Scuba Experience, each child will Scuba Dive through underwater hoops, play on the scooter or collect valuable treasures off the bottom of the pool (Freddo Frogs are our favourite).


After the group has been through once, its a chance for anyone who wants another go and then it’s time for the presentation of the birthday child’s very own Bubble Maker Wall Certificate and Sticker. Then the Birthday Child will be given their very own limited edition Perth Scuba Bubble Maker towel! Whilst the kids are having their Scuba Experience, the other kids are free to use Perth Scuba’s masks and fins in the pool. We can even arrange for a photographer on the day to take underwater and in water photos of everyone having their fun Scuba Dive. A photo disk will be sent to the Birthday Child just a day or so after the party. (Or for a small fee – we can give you the Memory card right there and then! Yours to keep and take home to print and send to friends!)

Let’s Go Scuba Diving !!!Perth Scuba PADI Bubblemaker Party

The Perth Scuba Bubble maker Party is available to any child (with permission from mum, dad or both) who is at least 8 years old! Please note – If it’s your child’s 8th birthday please remember that most of their friends may still be younger than 8. We recommend a great 9th Bubble maker Birthday treat.

After your party you become a qualified Perth Scuba PADI Bubblemaker Diver… The next thing to do is PADI SEAL TEAM events!


You are now officially a member of Perth Scuba’s elite! Not too many kids out there can say they have Scuba Dived! Hey – You will even have a photo to prove it! COOL!!

Click below to book your fun Bubblemaker Party soon!

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