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PADI Drysuit Diver Course

Perth Scuba PADI Drysuit Diver Course

Never feel the cold again with the PADI Drysuit Diver Specialty Course for only $249. Don’t like going for a dive when the water is cold? Want to go for a dive but have an important meeting straight after and you don’t want to get wet? The the Dry Suit Specialty course with Perth Scuba is for you! Diving dry is a strange feeling and you will soon become the envy of your cold diving buddies in the middle of winter. Jump into your dry suit (clothes and all ) and head for the water. Complete your dive nice and toasty warm and then hop back out of your dry suit and you are ready to go! A great way to dive! Don’t ever let the weather be an issue when it comes to diving. Dive all year round with the Dry Suit Specialty course. On this course in a swimming pool environment, you will be taught how to fill your drysuit, release air from your dry suit, perfect buoyancy using the dry suit and learn how to right yourself, if the air goes into the feet of your suit and learn about the types of drysuits available and what is the best option for your type of diving.

PADI Drysuit Diver includes:

  • TuitionPADI-Logo
  • PADI Drysuit Diver Manual
  • 1 Confined Water Dive
  • 1 Shore Dive
  • Air Fills (for entire course)
  • Hire of Drysuit, BCD, Regulator & Tank
  • PADI Certification Card
  • Free Dive Club Membership Kit
  • Equipment Discount for Students on Courses
  • Donation to Project AWARE on your behalf

Here’s how it works!

A session at the pool to try out the seals and then off to the ocean to dive dry. 2 dives later – You will be a dry suit guru! Perth Scuba has hire dry suits available all year round for Perth Scuba trained & certified dry suit specialists. Try Dry!

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