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Underwater Videography

PADI Underwater Videography Course

The PADI Underwater Videography Specialty Course for only $349. PADI-Logo

We all love to watch the underwater videos and movies on TV. How about being able to show your family and friends what you get to see in real life on their own TV? Take them for a dive with you through wrecks, over sheer walls, through caves and amongst clouds of colourful fish… even show them sharks and rays in their natural habitat.

The PADI Underwater Videography course will put the camera into your hands. With the direction of our Video Specialist Instructor Steve Rudge, you will be shooting your own scenes in no time. Learn the importance of White Balancing, learn how long to shoot and what to shoot to keep your audience excited.

Then, when you have finished, learn about editing your own movie, adding music or special features and produce your own 5 minute movie to take home and show everyone, add to you tube to impress your friends and make it to the Perth Scuba hall of fame video library.

Perth Scuba PADI Underwater Videography Course Includes:

  • Tuition
  • PADI Underwater Videography Manual
  • Hire of Underwater Video Camera, Housing & Lighting
  • Hire of BCD, Regulator & Tank
  • Choice of Project AWARE Underwater Videography Certification CardPerth Scuba PADI videography specialty

Let’s Go Scuba Diving !!!

After a training session on the use of and maintenance of Underwater Video Cameras and lighting, as well as learning all the tricks of the trade, its off to the ocean to shoot your movie.

Once you have finished gathering footage for your movie, it’s back to the editing suite to cut and edit  your footage. Add music,  special effects and become a PADI underwater Videographer.

This very sought after course which is only offered at Perth Scuba in WA, may even lead you to a job in the diving industry. So if video is your thing, and you want to add video to your diving, this is the course for you.


You are now officially a member of Perth Scuba’s elite and a part of the most active dive club in Perth. We are diving next week for free… want to join us? Welcome Aboard!

Contact us to book onto Perth Scuba’s awesome Underwater Videography  Specialty Courses.


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