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Perth Scuba | Dive Shop & Training Western Australia

Course Director – PADI Invitation Only


This is the level of certification reserved for only the best of the best. If you are a key player in any 5 star IDC centre and are constantly out performing or exceeding expectations, proving time and time again that your ability to develop people, exceeds others. You are able to sell equipment and continued education by using the excellent PADI teaching system and its course materials, then the PADI Course Director Course is for you.PADI CDC Logo

Be a Dive Centre’s hub of training and be one of the most rare and respected professionals in the diving industry worldwide. Your invaluable commitment to diving at this level of training will have been demonstrated over and over, and the value you will bring to any PADI dive centre will be synonymous to that level of commitment.


  1. PADI Master Instructor for 6 months
  2. within 12 months PRIOR to application, the Master Instructor must:
  • Have no verified Quality Assurance violations within the last 6 months and no open QA inquiries at point of application.
  • Demonstrated an excellent commitment to diver training using the full PADI system and its materials to provide the best possible training to students.
  • Demonstrate full support of the PADI organization and the efforts used to establish programs in aquatic education and conservation.
  • Used the complete PADI system of diver education exclusively, including all appropriate PADI educational materials
  • Taught PADI courses exclusively (other than some certain technical or commercial courses not offered by PADI)
  1. Staffed 2 complete IDCs after IDC Staff Instructor certification
  2. Emergency First Response Instructor TrainerIs 50 bar enough by Johanna Pool4
  3. 250 logged dives
  4. PADI Dive Centre or Resort work experience
  5. Meet other requirements as listed on the current application.

Meeting these pre requisites does not constitute acceptance into the course.

Applications for the Course Director course which meet the criteria will be pooled with the top ranking applications being accepted for the course.

Let Perth Scuba’s own Course Directors assist you with the preparation of your application.

Course Director Duties:

As well as all of the duties of an IDC staff Instructor, Course Directors are able to conduct Instructor Development courses, OWSI programs, IDC staff Instructor courses and status updates.


As a Perth Scuba qualified PADI Course Director, you have now become one of the most sought after and employable Coarse Directors in WA. Not only have you successfully taken your diving to the ultimate level, you have done so with the best Instructors available. Welcome to the team!

To apply to PADI’s massively rewarding Course Director Course contact us. A meeting will be scheduled to discuss your application and answer any questions you may have.

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