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Perth Scuba offers other dive courses including GUE Fundamentals and CDAA Deep Caverngue-logo

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) is a non-profit organization formed by leading explorers, researchers, and educators; these individuals are dedicated to the training of divers as well as the study and protection of the aquatic realm. GUE and its associated projects are responsible for conducting some of the world’s most remarkable dives, setting numerous world records in the process. The success of this group encouraged great interest in their diving and procedures. Of particular interest is the promotion of solid fundamental skills for all divers (recreational and technical) as well as their adherence to a common diving standard. This general standard requires the following:

  • Divers use the same equipment configuration; this enhances safety and efficiency
  • Divers use the same well-defined set of breathing gases, including Nitrox, Helium and Oxygen; standard mixes eliminate complexity and greatly enhance safety
  • Divers use a team approach during all dives, facilitating fun and safety
  • Divers must have a solid grasp of fundamental diving skills, including refined buoyancy, trim and teamwork; these skills must be developed in concert with the type of dive pursued. Difficult dives require very high levels of skill development.

cdaa-logoThe Cave Divers Association of Australia (CDAA) was formed in September 1973. At the time landowners throughout the Mount Gambier area of South Australia, were contemplating the closure of all holes to diving following a spate of diving fatalities in the water filled caves. With the forming of the CDAA, sinkhole divers hoped to prevent the wholesale closure of the dive sites by presenting a united voice in defence of their sport. They wished to indicate to landowners and the public at large that they were able to regulate their activities to acceptable standards of safety and training. The newly formed CDAA set up a series of criteria and testing procedures. Initially these were a listing of all the popular cave diving sites divided into three different categories* based on their degree of difficulty. Cards were issued to divers to display to landowners to indicate their competency. The landowners gained confidence in the ability of the CDAA to produce safe divers and, as a result, the holes remained open.

* This later expanded into four levels of training: Cavern, Sinkhole, Cave, and Penetration. More recently this has been refined back to three levels: Deep Cavern, Cave and Advanced Cave.

Cavern Diving Cenotes Mexico by Johanna Pool

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Perth Scuba in Western Australia offers the Cavern Divers Association of Australia (CDAA) Deep Cavern Diver Course at only $850pp.

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