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Don’t let winter put you off scuba diving

written by Glen Outhred Perth Scuba PADI InstructorPerth Scuba PADI Open Water Dive Course WA Army Cadets

Hello divers, Glen here. Even as the water’s cools off a little in winter around the world the dive industry still certifies heaps of students in winter. Just recently a group of army cadets showed that they can handle the water just as well as navy cadets by completing their open water course. Well done guys, we look forward to seeing your dive education continue to grow with taking the next step onto your advanced course. It just goes to show no matter who you are, what you do, what environment you’re in (as long as there’s water!) diving is a sport and hobby for anyone! For more pics of the WA Army Cadets click here.

If there is one thing I will say about the dive industry it would be that it definitely takes you places and the people you meet along the way is incredible. Diving is one of the best ways to ‘make a new buddy’ so to speak. You can discover your neighbour is a diver and head out together or meet someone halfway across the world and make a diving holiday of it (hopefully you meet someone from Micronesia!). I know a lot of us here at the shop have even met their partners through diving (now they have to work with each other, that will be fun, cough). Speaking of diving and meeting new people if you’re not diving because your friend doesn’t feel like it don’t stress that is why we have club dives every weekend. This gives you the opportunity to hone your dive skills, see the dive sites all over Perth, get filmed by our GoPro guru Ben Newsome and meet new buddies (maybe meet your significant other? Karena, are you reading?).

If you think diving in winter is too chilly look out for a try dry dives. Come in and we’ll fix you up with a dry suit to try out and see how they work. Bring your best dressed and evening wear under your dry suit to add a bit of class to your diving.

That’s it for me guys, keep diving, blow bubbles no troubles!

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