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Drysuit Try Dive Day

Perth Scuba Drysuit Try Dive Day

On Sunday 8th July, the Perth Scuba Crew ran a Drysuit Try Dive Day for all those divers who wanted to experience a warm and dry style of diving.

Thanks to Michael, Leanne, Alicia, Mark, Ben and Josh for coming down and giving it a go. The crew had a great time helping (and laughing) as the team pulled their heads through the neck seals for the first time – rebirthing is the only way to put it! And once we had the neck and arm seals tight they were connected to an air supply and we pumped ’em full of gas!!! How to gain 50 kilos in 2 minutes flat? Check out the picture to the right – these guys and girls are usually slim! Hehehe

After grabbing the mandatory group photo we headed down to the pool to give swimming a try. Everyone jumped in with their gear and Lee went through the skills they’d need whilst scuba diving dry. The crew all took to it… Well, like a diver to warm water, and they all moved brilliantly underwater.

Special mention to Alicia who was a complete natural at drysuit diving with her buoyancy and trim super, and Ben for scaring the supermarket next door when he went in threatening to eat all their food “get in my belly!!!”

Well done everyone and we look forward to seeing you all soon, diving warm and dry this winter! Missed our drysuit trial day and want to have a go? Contact us for a second chance of diving completely dry and see why all of us wouldn’t be without our drysuits in winter.

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