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Dumaguete Philippines group returns

Dumaguete Philippines tour group returns

Awesome food, tremendous diving and fantastic people

Nudibranch by Adam Booth

From the moment you arrive at Atmosphere Resort situated in Dumaguete Philippines you can tell you are in for one magical experience, from the spacious modern rooms with outdoor private shower garden, to the restaurant with fine course dining and friendly staff to make the experience even better. Top it all off with the pool side bar and great ocean views from the pool.  This is the place to be.

For the 10 of us lucky people that just got back from Atmosphere this is exactly what we had. To make it even better we had 5 days diving the beautiful clear warm waters around the islands.

From our very first dive on the house reef to the final days diving muck diving, there is so much life to see and take in. 

Frogfish by Adam Booth

Things that we saw included, 5 different species of Frog fish, sea snakes, eels, turtles, cuttlefish, nudibranchs, mandarin fish, saddled tobies, spotted sweetlips, thousands of different types of anemone fish, blue stripe snapper and the list goes on and on.

From drift dives at Apo island were a lucky few of us had a whale shark come by to the muck diving around the jetty and cars to the night dives on the house reef with sea snakes and giant puffer fish there is a variety of diving to suit everyone and the lucky ones of us that were there diving this past week defiantly had a great time diving these fantastic waters full of weird and wonderful marine life. 

The dive guides here were absolutely amazing beyond belief. Finding the smallest of critters while drifting in strong currents at speed to helping with all gear and any questions you have. Returning from dives you were spoilt with fresh fruit juice or if you were lucky to go on the night dives you got hot chocolate on your return. 

Mandarin fish by Adam Booth

Ollie and staff are amazing and will help you with any problems you have, finding solutions in quick fashion to make your stay even more joyful. I cannot fault at all the level of professionalism and friendliness of all the staff that make the experience one to remember and wanting us to go back which we defiantly will.

To top it all off the hotel arranges for you to go see the whale sharks on the final day at Oslob, extremely magical experience being within metres of whale sharks, such an elegant and graceful animal up close and personal.  

Atmosphere resort in the Philippines is a truly magical and special place to go stay at and diving around Dumaguete is just sublime. It is definitely a must for anyone who likes macro and muck diving and who also likes a bit of reef diving on the side. I and everyone on the trip defiantly enjoyed themselves and would jump at the chance to go back.

Seahorse by Adam Booth

We look forward to arranging another trip there someday and for you all to come along and see what you are missing out on. 

Tour Leader Adam Booth

Whale shark by Adam Booth

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