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Dune of sweat and tears to Robb Jetty

Robb Jetty dive over the mighty sand dune

Rhod Pearson fashionIt was a sunny Sunday 7 May morning, with low wind but a little bit of swell. The plan was to go to Robb’s Jetty, a well known dive site but still a new one to the majority of the group. Once we arrived we had to take whatever car bays we could find as it was getting a bit busy. 

With 14 divers on the list we geared up for a photo then made our way over the sand dune. Considering the sand dune has nearly doubled in size since my last visit it wasn’t the easiest task, but we managed. With the hard part behind us, we surface swam to the where I thought the site was and dropped the flag. 

After descending and heading north for 10m or so we found the site. With plenty of pillars covered in life we had alot to explore. We spotted a few occys trying to hide from us, some large nudibranchs, bulls eyes hiding in the chimney pipes and scaly fins trying to scare us away. The viz was about 8m with no surge and the site was covered in marine life that didn’t seem to mind us swimming around with them. After reaching a pile of old beer bottles we realized we were at he end and it was time to turn back.

It was a great turn out, hope to see you all next week.

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

Manta Club dive at Robb Jetty

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