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Eager divers explore Coogee North Wall

Coogee North Wall

Manta Club at North Coogee Wall

It was a chilly Sunday morning the 30th of April. The shop was full of eager divers and our DMT was under pressure with it being his first ever BBQ and he had 20 hungry mouths to feed.

Once we had breaky the sun was up and we were on our way to Coogee North Wall. With parking being a bit scarce most people dropped their equipment at the site and then parked their cars. After a brief and a short walk to the water we made our descent and started to make our way up the wall. 

While following the wall we came across large leatherjackets, nudibranchs, octopus, boxfish, crested morwongs, banded sweep and old wife’s. The viz was around 10m in the bay but then dropped to around 5m around the corner.  The site was very active with plenty to see and lots of nice coral.

Once out of the water the DMT whipped around to grab everyone’s finishing bar pressure and then sent everyone on their way back to the shop for new fills. 

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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