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Earn 10% cashback on just about everything!*

Every Saturday in December. 
Everywhere you Tap & Zip.

Earn 10% cashback on just about everything!* 

Every Saturday in December. 
Everywhere you Tap & Zip.

Supercharged rewards

Get a whopping 10% cashback, up to $30 back every time you Tap & Zip anywhere, on any Super Saturday this December.

Super Saturdays, save the day

Whether you’re Christmas shopping at Westfield^ or buying wrapping paper from the corner store, filling up at a BP or getting a coffee fix at your local café, get 10% back for just about everything.

It’s payback time

Each time you’ve earned your Reward Goal, simply redeem it back into your Zip account.

Easy steps to get 10% cashback*

  • 2. Add your Zip card to Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • 3. Use Tap & Zip everywhere you see the contactless symbol to get 10% cashback on Super Saturdays
  • 4. Redeem cashback when you hit your Reward Goal

Frequently asked questions

What transactions are eligible?

The transaction: 
(1) Must be made using your Tap & Zip card instore; (2) will earn a maximum reward amount of $30 per transaction.

What is a Zip card?

The Tap & Zip card means the virtual Visa credit card provisioned to your Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet that can be used for Eligible Transactions on your Zip Pay Account with a merchant who accepts this card as a method of payment for goods or services.

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