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Easter dive powers on full of chocolate

A glorious day greeted us this Easter Sunday 5th April 2015 and what better way to spend Easter than a dive.

After a yummy breaky of chocolate eggs and home made chocolate hot cross buns cooked by yours truly we headed off to Ammo Jetty for our dive of the day.

After gearing up and having an updated dive briefing we headed into the lovely calm water of woodman Point. For the adventurous ones we did a giant stride in off
the jetty while the rest headed in from the beach.

Unfortunately visibility was only 1-1/2 meters but that wasn’t going to stop us having a good dive and finding lots of cool things under the jetty.

We came across many Seahorses, Nudibranchs, Magpie Morwongs, Cowfish, large schools of baby Snapper, Herring, Toado and bait fish.

We also found Octopus and even a baby Port Jackson shark which was in a little bit of distress. Once I carried it around for a bit so it could rest and get its energy back it swam off safe and sound and found a little hiding place to be safe in from the big fish that was chasing around after it.

All in all a great dive and as always plenty to see at Ammo Jetty. Once again a great way to spend Easter and also to burn off a few of those naughty calories we may of added.

Happy Easter and look forward to seeing you on the next club dive on Sunday.


Adam – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master 




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