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Encounters with the weird and wonderful at Ammo

Encounters with the weird and wonderful at Ammo

Wednesday 11 September 2019

It was wishful thinking that the recent high daytime temperature had found their way into the sea and we would be skipping into the sea in only rashies, but what I do wish is that all the moronic fishing persons who regard the jetty as an open trash bin, would take all the jigs, lures and discarded line that I and fellow divers encountered this evening and insert it in one of their bodily orifices with a pineapple.  

OK, rant over with.

Manta Club divers at Ammunition Jetty

Being low tide and despite things being a bit cloudy as we followed another Club of divers in, viz was around 5m and temperatures around 16oC with flat calm surface and smallest of swell. Making a bee line for the far end we were soon encountering our usual loveable baby Port Jackson sharks. Searching amongst the pipes and pylons we found Fanbellied and Mosaic Leatherjackets, several golf ball sized Shaws Boxfish,the usual Western Smooth Boxfish, Blue spotted goatfish and two young Crays. A group squid weren’t hanging around for photos but two loan squid put on a tenticles-up display for us, and despite keeping eyes peeled the full 60 minutes I did not see one seahorse.

Juvenile port Jackson shark

A Cape Moray appeared out of no where and after snaking around several pylons squeezed though a tiny hole in a pipe and disappeared in an instant. There must have been over 15 of the baby sharks around and watching three squabble over a discarded pilchard was great entertainment and made for some great video footage. With fingers numbing it was time to leave this wonderland and empty my pockets of the plastic that wont end up in the intestine of an undeserving creature. 

Southern rock lobster

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Martin Crossley – PADI Instructor

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