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Evening of diving at Ammo Jetty

Evening of diving at Ammo Jetty

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Manta Club night dive

This Wednesday night we took the night dive to Ammo Jetty. With all the thunder storms I noticed a nice gap in the weather with great conditions so we took the gamble. With 5 dedicated divers at the site we kitted up and headed down to check out the conditions.

At the water it looked unreal, as flat as I’ve ever seen it and the water looked crystal clear. As soon as we dropped down a little port jackson shark came over to say hello, then we followed the pillars out and managed to spot around 5 different types of nudibranchs. When we got to the cross beam the viz was still the best we’ve seen, we then spotted a big scorpion fish stuck to the pillars and a little playful occy. We moved on to the end and found about 4 large cobblers then headed back.

As we made our way back in we found a couple of little flat worms then a massive bailer snail cruzing past. Probably one of the best night dives I’ve done at Ammo in a while, the storms gave it a nice clean out that it has needed.

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