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Explore the diving in Esperance

Filmed, edited and written by Joseph Bicanic – Perth Scuba Videography Instructor

After the success of Perth Scuba’s Esperance trip in January 2012, Lee and Joey are putting on another great weekend of diving in one of WA’s premier sites. I was stoked when asked to be Tour Leader as I so enjoyed the last trip. And what an experience we had. The drive itself, although long, went so fast thanks to my drive buddies, Bel and Tina-Marie. We managed to pop past Wave Rock For a quick pretend surf (well worth the few extra kilometres to see it).

Of course the diving was the big attraction and we had 6 planned dives including 2 on the Senko Harvest. By far these were the best dives. The wreck is too huge and can not be seen in just 1 dive.

Day 1 saw us diving a site called Long Island, which also has a little wreck called the Lapwing to investigate, followed by Sandy Hook. Lots of Talma’s, Old Wives, some big Blue Groupers, soft corals and even some prized Black Coral. And the glass fish make for great footage hhas they spiral around in small schools making patterns as they dance through around the coral. Such a wide variety of marine life to observe, photograph or video. Visibility was around 30 meters (check out my Esperance 2012 video above with an average maximum depth of 30 meters. Perfect for those wanting to do a deep course.

Day 2 – S. H. The Sanko Harvest. What a majestic vessel bottoming out at around the 48 meter mark. The enormous super structure, easy swim through’s, massive openings, lots of life, so much to see and do. The time went by all to quickly as we explored as much as we could during our double dive on this monolith. Lee led us into a cargo hold where we were greeted by several Port Jackson’s peacefully lazing within the ships hull. Fortunately for us they were quite photogenic and we have the evidence to prove it! The excitement on board after both of these dives was electric. I am so, so looking forward to re-visit this wreck to again appreciate her beauty.

On days 1 & 2 the more enthusiastic amongst us did up to 2 night dives in Sheerwater Bay and were treated to a plethora of life including Boar Fish, Bull Ray’s, Cow Fish, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Leather Jackets, as well as the usual suspects.

Day 3 saw us at Woody Island and Rabbit Island. Both around the 25 meter mark and both boasting an abundance of life. Some very cool swim through’s to explore and these massive rocks jutting from the bottom almost to the surface which made for a maze like experience.

My drive buddies joined me on one last dive on Tanker Jetty. A fair walk out to what is now now the end of the jetty then a reasonable swim to what was the jetty’s  end. A swim worth the effort. Tina-Marie, Bel and I finned our way through the artificial reef and followed the line until we reached, what we considered an aquarium, at the end of our trek. We swam into a wall of Old Wives and Yellow Tails. They ignored us as they danced around the old wooden posts. On the return swim we saw some Gurnards and Leather Jackets and of course more Blue Groupers. And finally we were farewelled by 3 seals under the jetty just off the shore.

So if this sounds like the sort of diving you would like to do then join us on our 2013 Perth Scuba Esperance adventure. I look forward to seeing you. Contact us to book your place on this exciting trip!

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