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Exploring a boat wreck at 12 metres

Exploring a boat wreck at 12 metres

Sunday 27 October 2019

Manta Club dive at Glyde Street

This Sunday morning was good for diving in Swan river; regardless of the weather looking really great, there was supposed to be some incoming swell at the ocean coming in. So we reduced the risk of seeing backscatter and decided to re-visit this little-known quiet dive site. After our barbeque, 13 of us went to Glyde St, where the water looked good.  The main attraction at Glyde St is a barge wreck at 12 meters, which can be sometimes difficult to spot, which adds to the thrill of diving there.

The barge wreck was located soon only not much searching, because the way is now marked clearly underwater.It was largely up to our expectations, an old wreck covered with reef-type coral growth, some clams, many hermit crabs, the usual big crabs all round, and plenty of small fish and (surprise) thousands of harmless jellyfish, but these stayed only in shallow waters .  Three of us (myself included) spotted a small stingray flying around through water, and looking much like a child Manta Ray from distance. 

The visibility was Ok, maybe up to 4-6 meters, across the shallower parts of dive.

We enjoyed revisiting this dive site. Thanks  for coming to this Manta Club event! See you on next  dives soon!

Written by Mikhail Vasiliev – Perth Scuba PADI Instructor

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