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Exploring a new night dive site

Last nights manta club night dive (29/6/16) was at a new relatively unknown location, Claremont Baths. Of all 17 divers nobody had dived there before. We were hoping for plenty of crabs and prawns.


briefing we made our way into the water via the easy beach entry. It was shallow for a good 50m or so and then gradually started to drop off. We pretty much all went in different directions to see what we could find.

My buddy and I first went out to the channel and got around 12-13m depth. Here we found a solitary stingray which was very cool being the first i have seen in the river for nearly 12 months. From here we headed towards the jetty and up the bank slightly to a depth of around 9m. At the end of the jetty we found heaps and heaps of crabs nets and unsurprisingly not many crabs probably due to the over catching in this area. Under the jetty was pretty cool with a couple of shopping trolleys providing habitat to a large number of seahorses. Adjacent to the jetty back towards the entry area there was alot of rocks and overhangs where we found a huge leatherjacket and a blue ringed octopus. Both in very shallow water only 2-3m deep.

perth-scuba-manta-club-dive-claremont-jetty-29jun2016-3-2We also saw a good number of pipefish out on the silt and away from the jetty the number of crabs and prawns were higher. Some of the guys reported seeing up to 8 stingrays out in the channel and one of the other buddy pairs found the wreck of a small tinny.

Overall it was a spot well worth checking out with the visibility in deeper water being almost as good as it gets for the river. An awesome turnout for the middle of winter. Great again to see a couple of new faces. We will definitely be back to this site in future to further investigate.

written by Aaron Goodhew Perth Scuba Instructor


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