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Exploring the caves of the Yacutan peninsula

written by Josh Phillips – Perth Scuba Mexico Tour LeaderGarden of Eden

Day 4: Took us to 2 different cenotes. First one was Chiken-Ha this site had 4 different cenotes all linked up underground. Not much light entering due to it being overcast but some excellent underwater formations. Second site was Garden of Eden. By the stage we went for the dive the sun had come out and some awesome beams of light shone through. This cenote has been the biggest we have been to so far (see photo) and we went all around the edge of it.

Day 5: Colin’s birthday (Happy Birthday Colin). The morning started with heaps of rain. Half of the crew had a rest day today while a couple did either cave or cavern dives. The rest of the crew met at the pool bar (finally the sun decided to show its face) and started celebrating, then we got invited to play water polo (vs whinging Americans) we had the disadvantage as we had already been drinking but ended up whopping them. After the game we chilled out for a bit then went to Italian for dinner to celebrate the birthday. Once dinner was over we then headed back to the bar and finally to bed.

Day 6: Some people made this a rest day (what happens after you celebrate all night) others headed out to cave or cavern dives. Michael started his cave course and was looking forward to it. I headed out to Garden of Eden again and this time the plan was to head through to another cenote from the main one. While descending my buddy couldn’t equalise so we headed back up to the surface and then headed back under. The dive was awesome with a lot of light shining through and with only myself and the guide I managed to have a good look around. After that we headed back to the dive shop and then to the hotel. We then borrowed the bikes, headed to subway for lunch then had a look around the estate. We checked out the dolphin discovery and all the little shops around. We are now back at the hotel, about to head to the bar and then to Mexican for dinner.

Adios Amigos!

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