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Exploring the Gareenyup wreck

Tonight’s (23/3/16) weekly night dive was at the north mole in Fremantle. It was looking pretty windy in the afternoon but the wind was South Easterly which is good as the harbour wall protects the dive site from wind coming from that direction.


Once in the car park it was great to see a lovely calm flat dive site waiting for us. All 16 divers geared up in the chilly wind and after we had sorted out a few gear issues I gave a briefing on the dive site.

The plan was to follow the relatively newly laid pegs that lead to the wreck out on the sand flat, then after a look at the wreck return to the rock wall.

We all made our way down the rocks to the waters edge and took our time entering the water, once in I set the flag and we made our descent. The visibility was pretty good and made finding the pegs relatively easy. On the way out we saw a couple of seahorses clinging to the pegs and an Eel with only its head pointing out from the sand. After about 10 minutes of swimming we came across the wreck. Here we found all sorts of marine life including, Stingrays, Crayfish, Leatherjackets, a huge dancing Seahare, Morwong, Stripey and clouds of bullseyes. The coral growth on the wreck was also really good.

From here we swam East towards the rock wall, on the way we saw octopus and flounder in the sand. The wall itself is also home to a lot of life, We saw a huge Cuttlefish hiding in the rocks, Crayfish, a group of Squid and a lot more bullseyes. Just when we thought the dive was over and we were back at the flag we saw a lone juvenile Port Jackson Shark only about 300mm long which was really cool to see just cruising along the sand.


In summary always a great dive in the right conditions and well worth the rock scramble in and out especially if you find the wreck during the dive. More of the same next week where weather permitting we will get in the ocean again .

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