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Exploring the wrecks of The Coombe

The Coombe

written by Joey Pool – Perth Scuba Assistant Instructor

On Sunday 12th August, Josh had the pleasure of leading the club dive to The Coombe at Mosman Bay. We’d seen the weather report and with a severe weather warning for anything south of Mandurah, we thought it prudent to dive in a sheltered spot in the Swan River.

Just in front of The Coombe Reserve (end of The Coombe, Mosman Bay) are two shallow wrecks (10-12m deep) and two deep wrecks (20-22m deep). This dive site is a super easy entry off the slowly sloping sand and an easy swim out to buoy #221. This is where we descended down the mooring line and arrived on top of the 10m wreck. Once we explored this wreck we moved on a bearing of 355º towards the 12m wreck. This wreck is larger than the first and we found a variety of critters in the nooks and crannies of its hull.

Half the crew were looking for the more advanced deep wrecks. So off they went in search with a long surface swim that’s well worth the effort – if you find it! From the concrete pipe at the corner of The Coombe Reserve, surface swim 240m following a bearing of 340º to buoy #532 (mistakenly printed as #352). Descend down the mooring line to 21m and then swim a distance of 15m along a 60º bearing to the 22m barge. This is a large boat so you’ll need plenty of time to explore…. If you find it that is!

The weather held out for us just long enough to get out of the water, de-kit and get changed before it bucketed down – yippee! Then we followed up with a visit to the Left Bank for a drink and lunch. One never misses the opportunity to share a pub lunch with a good bunch of people.

Thank you to Drew, Alex, Michael, Leanne, Jocelyn, Brett, Tom, Rowan and even LEE for joining us on a fun day out – who would’ve thought the Swan River would have so much to offer. Never dived the river? Whilst the viz isn’t fantastic it is still filled with the weird and wonderful. We’ll be heading back to the river this Wednesday evening for a shore dive at Bicton Baths. Want to join us? Give us a call on 9455 4448 for all the details.

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