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E.T. The Inquisitive Terrestrial

written by Luan Hagen – Perth Scuba InstructorPerth Scuba Manta Club Dive BHP Jetty 16Nov2013-2-2

Wednesday Night Dive – BHP Jetty, Western Australia

What a great one this was, and a fun way to get over the hump of the week.

Having arrived just in time to watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean, we had a concise briefing and wasted no time in heading for the water. Turn out had been good and there was at least a dozen of us gradually wading into the water in our twos and threes

As soon as I had placed the dive flag my buddies and I joined the other divers underwater. Immediately I was reminded of the opening scene of ET. The pylons were illuminated in a gentle gloom like a ghostly forest as the dive torches waved to and fro as if searching for some otherworldly fugitive.

The crabs and nudibranchs came out again as usual as well as a globe fish or two, but it was just the calm, warm water and the relaxing nature of this dive that did it for me. At only 7 metres I could stay down there as long as I wanted and I could explore the dive site in minute detail.

After the dive everyone was bubbling over with excitement and the last of us only left about an hour later, being completely stoked about future dives. It’s going to be hard to find a better site for future night dives, but that’s a challenge I accept!


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