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Extreme Ride to Perth – Ride Report #11

Aussie Fundraiser for Project Aware & the Springboard Foundation

written by Tommy & Allan

September 13
Today was another great day with the ride starting off from Ceduna and ending at Caiguna 870kl down the road. We left with a cool temperature of 9c and blue shy, it was to be our best weather day were temperature went up to 32c and when we arrived at Caiguna it was a fresh 22c and falling!

Aussie Fundraiser Ride MapEntering and riding along the Nullarbor our second stop for fuel was the Nullarbor road house. Having just past the turn off to “Head of the Great Australian Bight” were the Southern Wright Wales nursed their young in shallow waters. After talking to the locals about the place we decided to head back. The directions were, 12kl back to the turn off, 12kl to the parking area and $12 entrance fee. With those instructions, who was going to get lost. This is a tourist attraction and one that has been done very well. When we arrived we could see an incredible blue sea, in the distance white beaches with huge sand dunes. The path down towards the viewing platform did not show us what an incredible sight awaited us. When we arrived on the platform we counted seven mother Wales plus their calves. The coast line was staggering as it was all cliffs and much of what you would see in the brochures, so to speak, absolutely breathtaking.

Leaving there we road and road and from one horizon to the next the land changed slightly taking us away from the coast and back to the coast where again we stopped and took in the awesome view or the great Australian bight, incredible spectacular. Towards the end of the day we rode down off the ridge along a desert less frontier with the wave of the Nullarbor to the right of us and the ocean to the left, eventually riding back up onto the Nullarbor and ending our days riding with the sun low in the sky, a certain tranquillity of peace and happiness as we arrived at Caiguna.

As the town of Caiguna is one of only 3% of Australia that does not have any internet, we are forced to leave this update to send tomorrow when we hope to have established communications again. I guess there is only one other thing to do in a roadhouse in the middle of nowhere, head for a cold Coopers Ale :-)   

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