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Fantastic Open Water Course at Rottnest Island

written by Glen Outhred – Perth Scuba Instructor (images by Lilian Fierro – Perth Scuba Divemaster in-training)PADI Open Water Divers Rottnest Island Western Australia

Let me just start by saying, WHAT A SPECTACULAR WEEKEND!!! As per usual Perth Scuba hosted an Open Water course during Friday, Saturday and Sunday and what a weekend to do your first dive ticket. Happy smiley faces started the day and continued to smile with a nice warm day in the pool as we completed our skills and learnt the fine art of bubble rings.

As Saturday rocked on in it was time to get out in the ocean and explore the Wreck Trail. Flat as a tac and not a cloud visible in the sky! We explored the planes and boats of the Wreck Trail finding lots of sea horses, bait fish, nudibranchs and even trigger fish! The Wreck Trail had never looked so good, 7 metres vis and plenty to see!

Now comes the best day, Rottnest Island! This was truly a wonderful day, 29 degrees and nice flat water. We started with a beautiful dive at West Palace we’re we explored over passing rock formations, huge open mouth caves, schooling fish and massive crayfish! A great start to the day. As we came back on the and head to a nice beach close to Rottnest we found 30-40 sea lions and a pod of 10-15 dolphins!! Rottnest really is an amazing place! As per usual we jumped back in the water to have a good snorkel and play around withPerth Scuba PADI Open Water Diver Course whale breach Rottnest Island Western Australia the sea lions! Everyone loved watching them show off with twirls and swimming so fast past us they were a blur on the camera. After a good feed and sunbake we heading to Swirl Reef, or we would have if we weren’t stopped by WHALES!! Three humpback whales decided they wanted to play and show off for the boat for a good 30mins. Moving from one side of the boat to the other, so close we could reach and shake their fin! A truly tremendous site to see! And the look on students faces, priceless! What more could you ask for on your first boat dive ever!

Adrenalin was pumping and the students were very keen to get back in the water! As we descended down, we completed our skills and I now had successful open water candidates! Swirl reef is a good with lots of chasms that you can look and go down in, lots of schooling big eye fish, sleeping fish, nudibranchs and rock formations which was home to heaps of soft corals. Expectations are going to be very high after a weekend that these guys had. Jump over to Rottnest Island and hopefully you can have the perfect day as well!


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