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Finally back in the ocean for our club night dive

North Mole night dive

Perth Scuba Manta Club night dive

On Wednesday 14/9/16 the Perth Scuba Manta Club night dive was at the North Mole in Fremantle. We had been diving the river for months due to poor ocean conditions. So the 1m swell and SE winds meant this dive site was doable. When we arrived the wind was pretty strong, however as it was coming from the South East the rock wall provides shelter and on the north side the surface of the water was glassy. We had 11 divers in total. A couple of guys got lost on the way and there was a few minor gear problems which delayed us a little. Following the brief we all made the climb down the wall to the water. This part always takes a while especially with a few divers but slowly but surely we all made it in. Once in the water it was clear that the vis wasnt looking too great so finding the wreck was going to be a little tricky. There was 4 of us in my group and we made our way out in a Northerly direction. The wreck itself has been pegged out although they were very short and it appeared most of them had dissappeared below the sand. After approximately 12 minutes we realized we must have over shot the wreck and in the 3m vis it was better to just head East to the rock wall. Out on the sand we found an Eel with only its head exposed from its sand burrow and also a lone Seahorse clinging to a ball of weed. Once back at the wall we found loads of life. With large amounts of crays coming out of their hiding spots to feed. We saw huge groups of bullseyes and blowfish along with cuttlefish, banded sweep, stripeys and squid. Overall not as good as this spot has been in the past but a dive is a dive and i always think any experience underwater is a gain. For my buddy it was his first night dive and in the low vis and 15 degree water it was great practice. The entry and exit always presents a bit of a challenge too and i think overall its one of those sites that helps make us better divers. It was great to meet a couple of new guys too and i look forward to seeing you again soon. Lets watch this space for next week to see what the weather holds. Fingers crossed we can hit the ocean again.

Aaron Goodhew, Perth Scuba Instructor

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