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Finding glowing nudies at BHP Jetty

Fluoro Divingwritten by Alex Pawson – Perth Scuba PADI Instructor
As some of you know we had our Fluro try dive as the club dive on wednesday, for those who where unable to make it, I shall endeavour to paint a picture of what you missed, though you may need to use your imagination quite a bit!! We all rocked up at BHP jetty around 7 and set everything up with a mixture of excitement and dread; the one emotion because most were trying something new, the other because its still a tad cold at night!
All the cool fluoro equipment was handed out and once all the important faffing around at the surface had been done we casually strolled down the beach into the water. With a minimal surface swim, we just wanted to get out of the baby waves crashing on the beach, we descended. once everyone was down and accounted for the real fun began. The only way to describe it is to say it kind of looked like a disco. There were blue, red and white lights, flashing green lights as tank lights and of course the luminescence from  the crazy critters under the water. It was very much like the room you had as a kid with glow in the dark stars, but instead of stars, sea creatures. One of your fellow fluro divers was even lucky enough to see my favourite creature, a Nudibranch – these bad boys light up like nobodies business.
Different creatures “light up” more than others and some don’t at all, and unless you are really concentrating you may swim into things as the beam doesn’t illuminate your path very far, but its another aspect of diving that you can’t see at any other time. After a 45 minute dive that went in what felt like a second we ended the dive, got warm and got dry.
Missed out on our Free Fluoro Dive? Join us on Thursday 19th September 7pm at the Ammunition Jetty, Nyyerbup Circle, Henderson to give this a try for FREE!

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